martedì 15 luglio 2014

Biffers e il Kung Fu!

Whoa! che news!!!
I Biffers firmano per Kung Fu Records...congratulazioni da tutta la caserma a questi tre bei caciucchi!

Hi everyone!!!
The first issue of our official mailing list is a special one:

We are VERY proud to announce the signing to Kung Fu Records!!!
Our first album Whoa! will be reissued and available in the digital universe and in stores that sell Kung Fu Records worldwide beginning August 5th, 2014!

Here's a link to the article on the Kung Fu records website

These were Joe Escalante's (The Vandals, owner of Kung Fu Records) words:
"They posted an amazing song right on our page.  They made it very easy for us. The Biffers are one of those bands, like the Ramones, wiht the ability to break down a genre, and build it back up again with an innocence and simplicity that was somehow lost along the way as others in the field have taken punk rock for granted. The result is a happy re-interpretation of punk rock where each song hits you like a shot of Galliano, which by no coincidence is distilled and bottled in The Biffers hometown. This album is a drinking game waiting to happen!"

Also check out our artist page on the website

We're on the same page of Blink 182, The Ataris and the Vandals!!


4 commenti:

  1. Ottima notizia per tutto il mondo del punkrock italiano.
    Molti staranno rosicando! :)
    Bravi Biffers!

  2. bravi ragazzi e ottimi musicisti. Stra-meritato!

  3. Minchia, mi immagino le band italiote ignoranti che stanno già facendo la macumba ai Biffers. Congratulazioni boyz!

  4. caCCiucchi con 2 C, maledetti ahahahahah
    grandi biffers


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